Who should you look for?

Have you ever tried to buy a mutual fund online? Even the best mutual fund company will give you a warning that the past performance in no way indicates how the future performance of the fund would be. So how do you know which mutual fund to pick up?

We are here to give you assistance that you need to pick up the best mutual funds for your portfolio. We do look at the mutual fund performance but if truth be told then this is one of the least in priority. We look at many other aspects that would let you know if the mutual fund is food enough to include in your portfolio.

Who are we?

We are a team of well-read and knowledgeable advisors who help our clients make the right mutual fund choices. With so many mutual fund schemes in the market today, it can be really difficult to know which the right one is. We step right here and hold your hand to help you select the mutual fund scheme based on your individual needs.

Every investor is different and so are the parameters on which he would want to invest in a mutual fund. We thus understand what the financial goals of our clients are and then make mutual fund recommendations wisely. Some of the key parameters that we look for in mutual funds before advising them to our clients are:

  • Fund stability – A mutual fund performance is based on the fund managers who run it. We pay a lot of attention to the experience of the fund manager who manages a particular mutual fund. If the fund managers keep changing often then this mutual fund scheme does not seem very impressive to us and we suggest a better mutual fund to our clients.

  • The experience–You are trusting your hard-earned money with the fund managers and thus you want someone experienced to invest your money on your behalf. We thus pay close attention to the management team who runs the fund. We learn how they have managed the investment in all the cycles of the market. We like funds that are spread across different asset classes and also whether the management team visits the companies to know the investment and future growth of the company.

We, as a fund advisory team only suggest those funds to our clients which we have complete confidence in.